Season Point Totals Added

Hello everyone, the current point standings are now posted, which include meeting points and the two tournaments.  Find them under "Club Downloads - Docs".  They are broken down into Pro and Amateur divisions.

We are missing motorband #4 from the open.  If you have it, please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our next tournament is May 12th at Owyhee Reservoir.  Remember to have an Oregon fishing license.

CJ Strike Tournament April 12

Only a few days until our second club tournament.  Boater meeting will be at the Black Sands Ramp at 6:00.  The plan is to blast off at 7am.  It looks like we will have about 20 boats again, so we should expect some good payouts.

Rmember that the bridege below the dam is not passable so you will have to come around from Grandview or from Bruneau. 

See you Saturday!

IBM Open News

Its only a day away, and this year's Open will deliver as usual.  We have 67 boats this year!  You can find the Boater Draw in  Club Downloads-Docs => Tournament Applications "2014 Open Boater Draw" From the menu on the left side of this page.

Remember the boater meeting at 8pm on Friday night. We still have First out Last In raffle tickets to sell.

You will need to leave a $20 to pick up your motorband/boater packet, you will get the $20 back when you return the motorband.  You may also do this Saturday morning starting at 5am. 

Call me if you have questions 208 870 6650 Brian

See you at Brownlee!